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Aron Ralston
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 13 "Day Six: Enlightenment and Euphoria".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the original Aspen Police contact Brian and Mrs. Ralston work with to find Ralston?
(a) Jason Halladay.
(b) Dan Heinrich.
(c) Adam Crider.
(d) Eric Ross.

2. How does Steve from the Albuquerque Mountain Rescue Council help?
(a) He becomes the contact person to communicate with Ralston's mother.
(b) He drives to Colorado to help with the search.
(c) He becomes the New Mexico contact person to avoid further confusion.
(d) He maps out possible locations in Utah and volunteers time to search.

3. Previously, Ralston asks for guidance and direction to understand why he is in this situation. However, by day four, Ralston prays for what?
(a) Patience to "see this through".
(b) His parents' understanding of his adventurous lifestyle.
(c) An angel to help free him from the chockstone.
(d) Leona to report him missing earlier than what he believes is reasonable.

4. Why does Ralston stop yelling?
(a) He falls asleep.
(b) He thinks it attracts bears.
(c) He is afraid it causes panic.
(d) His throat gets even more dehydrated.

5. What is Ralston's biggest risk that can cause his death?
(a) Dehydration.
(b) Hypothermia.
(c) Flash flood.
(d) Heart attack.

Short Answer Questions

1. Once in the water, what happens to Ralston?

2. What is the name of the national park Ralston gets trapped in?

3. What large piece of information is missing from searching for Ralston's vehicle effectively?

4. How does Ralston sometimes enter another world in his trances?

5. Near the halfway point of the canyon, Ralston must rappel down what?

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