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Aron Ralston
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 13 "Day Six: Enlightenment and Euphoria".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens when Ralston attempts to hammer the blade with a large rock?
(a) The rock flicks the knife into a hole at his feet.
(b) Ralston misses and creates a large bruise.
(c) The rock wedges the blade into the boulder.
(d) The rock breaks to pieces in his hands.

2. To keep some form of control, what is one relatively trivial thing Ralston does?
(a) Ralston neatly rearranges his belongings into his pack.
(b) Ralston continuously ties knots, undoes them, and ties them again.
(c) Ralston tidies up the dust and rock pieces off his arm.
(d) Ralston puts on his hat.

3. How do you describe Ralston's video by Thursday in the canyon?
(a) Logistical and sound.
(b) Spiritual.
(c) Emotional.
(d) Unfocused and erratic in thought.

4. What sound does Ralston compare the beginning of an avalanche to?
(a) A large crash.
(b) A diesel engine.
(c) A sonic boom.
(d) An oncoming train.

5. What excites Ralston most when he summits Maroon Bells in the wintertime?
(a) The sunset over Pyramids Peak.
(b) He set a record of fastest climb up Maroon Bells.
(c) He does it five hrs faster than in summertime.
(d) He gets a news story about him.

Short Answer Questions

1. What promising information does Jason Halladay provide?

2. What nickname does Ralston's mother give him during the trip to the national park?

3. Considering Ralston's risky adventures, how does he see himself dying?

4. How is Ralston saved from the river?

5. What is different on Thursday morning than from all of Ralston's other mornings in the canyon?

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