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Aron Ralston
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7 "Day Three: 'Push on Till the Day"'.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What adage does Rob Cooper use to discuss with Ralston?
(a) "It's not over 'til it's over."
(b) "Look before you leap."
(c) "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."
(d) "It's not what you do, it's who you are."

2. John Griffith is known to head for what destination?
(a) Blue John Canyon.
(b) Roost Canyon.
(c) Lee's Ferry.
(d) Oklahoma.

3. Ralston is employed by what company after graduation?
(a) IBM.
(b) Boeing.
(c) Intel.
(d) Microsoft.

4. One of the hikers mentions that the pictures in the book "Canyon Hiking Guide to the Colorado Plateau" look like what?
(a) Ghosts.
(b) Lonely.
(c) Dried raisins.
(d) Zombies.

5. After the near drowning incident, what does Ralston share with Sonja that night?
(a) Ralston reports how he no longer wants to solo climb.
(b) S'mores.
(c) Ralston states that it is the coolest thing he's ever done.
(d) Ralston confides his fear of dying in the river.

Short Answer Questions

1. By the second day, how does Ralston feel the ordeal ends?

2. What does Ralston do to try and keep himself warm?

3. What is the average survival time without water in the desert?

4. What happens to Ralston's friendships after the avalanche?

5. When climbing Humphrey's Peak, what danger does Ralston encounter?

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