Daily Lessons for Teaching A Rock and a Hard Place

Aron Ralston
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Lesson 1 (from Prologue "Circulating with the Robbers Roosters")


The prologue gives a brief history into the area where Aron Ralston gets trapped and how the canyon is named Blue John. The lessons further goes into the times of the Wild West and the physical geography that landscapes the area.


1- Class Discussion- Discuss what the class knows about the times of the Wild West. During what years does the Wild West take place? What is common or uncommon? What characteristics does a man or woman in that era need to survive? How are the laws enforced?

2- Individual Assignment- Provide a blank map of western U.S. that includes Utah, New Mexico, and Colorado. Make sure the map includes a legend that shows mountains, lakes, rivers and other geographical features. The students are to fill in the blank map with the correct features in the their appropriate spots. At the bottom of the...

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