A Rock and a Hard Place Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Aron Ralston
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Essay Topic 1

Ralston often says he expects to die in the canyon. However, he survives due to a variety of factors. Describe his character type and how this plays a role on his ability to survive. Cite examples. What other external factors outside of his control plays a role into his survival?

Essay Topic 2

For nearly a week, Ralston is trapped in the canyon with nothing but his own thoughts. He reminisces on many things. What are some of his more important memories? Discuss why they are important to him. What revelations does he have as he remembers past events while stuck in the canyon?

Essay Topic 3

Before his entrapment, Ralston narrowly escapes death many times. He states how lucky he is in his adventures. Discuss how you think Ralston views his luck.

Essay Topic 4

On occasion, Ralston is paid to give motivational speeches. Do you find this...

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