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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Logging and Pimping and 'Your Pal, Jim'.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Norman get the news?
(a) By letter
(b) In a phone call in the middle of the night
(c) By telegram
(d) By messenger

2. How does Norman feel when the communications from Jim stop coming?
(a) Angry
(b) Happy
(c) Sad
(d) Relieved

3. With whom does Jim have an affair?
(a) An old flame
(b) His ex-wife
(c) Someone he met in a bar
(d) A highly respected local woman

4. How does Norman meet Jim Grierson?
(a) They are pen pals.
(b) They grew up together.
(c) They are college roommates.
(d) They spent a summer logging in the woods on the Blackfoot River.

5. Norman is a fly fisherman and Jessie's brother is a __________________________.
(a) saltwater fisherman
(b) bait fisherman
(c) professional fisherman
(d) amateur fisherman

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Jim brag about over dinner one night?

2. What does Norman think gyppoing would do for him?

3. How does Norman feel when Paul is complimented on his fishing technique?

4. What else does Jim gloat about?

5. Why does Paul invite Norman to stay the night at his house?

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