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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Suzy complain that John and Vicky want to do after returning from the cove?
(a) Write.
(b) Read.
(c) Watch the stars come out.
(d) Play chess.

2. Of what does Zachary remind Vicky?
(a) She has known him a long time.
(b) She is his sanity.
(c) She accepted the date.
(d) She is too conservative.

3. Who is Robin?
(a) The last name of the doctor Vicky has to see.
(b) The young girl in the ER.
(c) Vicky's best friend on the mainland.
(d) The charge nurse.

4. What does Vicky picture in her mind?
(a) Basil and Maureen swimming together.
(b) Basil nudging Vicky.
(c) Basil and Norberta swimming together.
(d) Basil rising out of the water.

5. How does Adam want Vicky to call Basil?
(a) With a special whistle.
(b) Non-verbally.
(c) With slaps on the water's surface.
(d) By swimming under the water and humming.

6. What game does Zachary play as he is driving?
(a) Bouncing off the road and back on.
(b) Almost hitting a pedestrian.
(c) Riding the white line in the center.
(d) None.

7. What does John say probably happened with Adam?
(a) He was distracted about Una.
(b) He felt a little jealous about Vicky and Basil.
(c) He was afraid of getting John mad.
(d) He felt attracted to Vicky.

8. What does Suzy say when she starts crying?
(a) That she is hurt that Leo is not interested in her.
(b) That a boy was mean to her today at the store.
(c) That she is miserable.
(d) That she is hurt that Zachary is not interested in her.

9. Why do Suzy's parents want her to stay away from Grandfather?
(a) She pesters him unintentionally.
(b) She is too young to see him in such terrible condition.
(c) They have not told her to stay away.
(d) She is sick.

10. What does Adam want when he calls Vicky?
(a) To meet for breakfast.
(b) To meet her and John for lunch.
(c) To pick her up to go swimming.
(d) To go to the mainland with her.

11. What does Vicky say when John asks her about Zachary?
(a) That she only feels like a friend to him.
(b) That he is not poison.
(c) That he is very confused.
(d) That he is not for her.

12. Where is Vicky going in the afternoon?
(a) To get more blood for Grandfather.
(b) To play with Basil.
(c) Flying.
(d) To the library on the mainland.

13. Who comes daily to help with Grandfather?
(a) Vicky's aunt.
(b) Vicky's great aunt.
(c) A hospice nurse.
(d) Mrs. Rodney.

14. About what does Vicky talk to Zachary's flight instructor?
(a) The mechanics of how a plane flies.
(b) The instructor's war experiences.
(c) If birds think planes are big birds.
(d) Whether Zachary is emotionally suitable to fly a plane.

15. What does Vicki ask Basil to do?
(a) Turn in circles.
(b) A cartwheel.
(c) Come up under Adam.
(d) Slap his tail on the water.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Norberta do on Wednesday morning when Vicky and Adam swim with her?

2. Why does Vicky start screaming internally in the emergency room?

3. What do Adam and Vicky name the new dolphin?

4. For what does Vicky apologize to Suzy?

5. What does Vicky realize after her talk with her grandfather?

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