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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why won't Vicky let Leo kiss her?
(a) He just got out from under his car.
(b) He does not try to kiss her.
(c) He does not ask first.
(d) He seems like a brother to her.

2. Why does Vicky go to work with John?
(a) She is taking pictures of John working.
(b) It is her day to visit with the dolphins.
(c) She wants to see Adam.
(d) She is giving him a ride.

3. What does Adam encourage Vicky to do?
(a) Research the incredible richness of plankton life.
(b) Talk to John about his whales.
(c) Feed the dolphins.
(d) Go into marine biology in college.

4. Where are the swallows nesting that Vicky checks on?
(a) In the boat house.
(b) In the eaves of the barn.
(c) Under the dock.
(d) Above the front door.

5. What has Adam asked of John?
(a) A commitment to stay another year at the lab.
(b) To take over for Adam for the afternoon.
(c) Permission to ask Vicky out.
(d) A reference.

6. With what does John work?
(a) Whales.
(b) Starfish.
(c) Plankton.
(d) Sea Horses.

7. Of whom is Vicky a little jealous?
(a) John.
(b) Suzy.
(c) No one.
(d) Leo.

8. What does Mrs. Rodney say she can do for Grandfather?
(a) Give him injections for pain.
(b) Give him bed baths.
(c) Show him how to care for his blood catheter.
(d) Administer transfusions.

9. What does Vicky leave out in her stories to Rob about her visit to the marine lab?
(a) About John's encounter with Uni.
(b) About swimming out to meet Basil.
(c) About Adam asking her out.
(d) About Adam dancing on the beach.

10. What do Vicky and Adam talk about concerning John's work?
(a) The size of whales makes research difficult.
(b) The way male sea horses take care of the babies.
(c) Regeneration.
(d) The way plankton can feed such a large creature as a whale.

11. Why is Vicki's grandfather officiating?
(a) His best friend is the one who dies.
(b) The regular minister is on vacation.
(c) He knows the child being baptized.
(d) His granddaughter is the one getting married.

12. What does Vicky realize about Leo?
(a) They have lots in common.
(b) They could never be friends.
(c) They have nothing in common.
(d) They could be friends.

13. Who is Jeb?
(a) Adam's brother.
(b) Adam's boss.
(c) John's clerk.
(d) Adam's dolphin caretaker.

14. What is Adam doing on the beach when Vicky swims to shore?
(a) Cartwheels.
(b) Digging for clams.
(c) Building a sand castle.
(d) Dancing.

15. Who gives Vicky her first kiss?
(a) Zachary.
(b) John.
(c) Rodney.
(d) Adam.

Short Answer Questions

1. About what does Adam ask Vicky concerning Leo?

2. What illness does Vicky's grandfather have?

3. Where does Zachary offer to take Vicky the next Saturday?

4. Why does Vicky's family not appreciate Zachary?

5. Where does Vicky's grandfather keep his collection of thousands?

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