A Ring of Endless Light Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Whose funeral is Vicky attending, and what happened to the man?

Vicky attends the funeral of a family friend. Commander Rodney died of a heart attack while trying to save a rich, young boy from drowning.

2. How does Vicky's grandfather deal with the topic of death?

Vicky observes the joy in her grandfather as he talks about life after death. He pushes aside the plastic grass and other fake elements of the death and deals with it as a reality.

3. What creature catches Vicky's eye at the funeral and what does she think it symbolizes?

A butterfly catches Vicky's eye at the funeral. She believes it to be a beautiful sign of life and hope among the graves.

4. Upon whom does Vicky focus at the funeral, and what does she do later with that person?

Vicky observes the others standing around the grave and focuses on Leo, the son of the deceased. Leo and Vicky leave the grave site and go to the house where they comfort each other.

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