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Chapters 1-3

• Vicky attends the funeral of a family friend who dies of a heart attack while trying to save a rich, young boy from drowning.

• Her grandfather officiates the funeral and talks about life after death.

• Vicky goes home and meets Adam Eddington, who works with her brother John at the Marine Biology Lab.

• Zachary Gray, a boy Vicky dated the summer before, is at Vicky's house much to the dismay of her family.

• Vicky's family wonders if Zachary is the boy Commander Rodney was trying to save when the Commander died.

• Rob, Vicky's seven-year-old brother comes back to bed after talking to Grandfather about death.

• Vicky's parents asked Vicky to not get a job that summer in order to help care for Grandfather.

• Leo and Vicky take a walk, and Vicky realizes they can be friends.

• Leo and Vicky talk about the places Grandfather has lived...

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