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Philippa Gregory
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Elizabeth say to Mehuru when she finds out about his love for Frances?
(a) "You will have a long fight ahead of you."
(b) "Congratulations!"
(c) "Does Josiah know?"
(d) "You poor foolish man."

2. As the novel concludes, what has happened to the Cole's finances?
(a) Frances has stolen their savings.
(b) They have no money and they have been taken advantage of.
(c) The Rose comes in and they are saved.
(d) The Hot Well turns a profit.

3. When Sir Charles visits, what does he tell Frances and Sarah he will purchase for the slaves?
(a) Collars.
(b) Ships.
(c) Chains.
(d) Shoes.

4. What is Frances surprised to learn when she and Mehuru talk about Africa?
(a) Mehuru's people do not make human sacrifice.
(b) Mehuru was a slave in Africa too.
(c) Mehuru has a large family.
(d) Mehuru is planning to go back.

5. What does Mehuru admit to Frances?
(a) Josiah has been beating him.
(b) He is marrying Elizabeth.
(c) He wants to live in London.
(d) He has been attending aboltion meetings.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Mehuru and Frances do together in Chapter 20?

2. Who does Josiah say will be purchasing slaves?

3. Who has been caring for James?

4. What has happened to Frances at the end of the novel?

5. Who does Mehuru tell Frances Cicero is?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Dr. Stuart Hadley.

2. Why does Dr. Hadley think Mehuru and Frances's relationship is dangerous ?

3. Why is Frances upset at the sight of the slaves rejoicing on Easter?

4. What does Mehuru mean when he says, "Cicero was born here."

5. How does Lord Scott respond to Frances's letter about her relationship issues?

6. What does Sarah discover about the business in Chapter 29?

7. Why is Frances afraid to allow herself to love Mehuru?

8. How is Josiah able to get some of the merchants to order slaves of their own?

9. Why does Mehuru want to be paid a wage?

10. Why does Frances write to her uncle about her love problems even though she disguises herself as an acquaintance?

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