A Respectable Trade Short Essay - Answer Key

Philippa Gregory
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1. Describe the letter correspondence that occurs between Josiah Cole and Frances Scott.

The letters that are exchanged between Josiah and Frances are well mannered and full of simple flattery. Although Josiah is proposing marriage, it is addressed as a business exchange. Josiah and Frances discuss what they intend to get out of the marriage and agree on the matter. It will be a marriage of status in which Josiah uses Frances's contacts to elevate himself in business and society and Frances will no longer be an orphaned spinster but instead will gain a married name and a nice home.

2. Describe Meuhuru.

Mehuru is a well respected priest, and his job is to spread the word to villages that slave trading with the white man must end. He feels a paternal bond to his slave boy, Siko.

3. Describe Josiah.

Josiah is a trader who thinks marrying upward in social class will garner him wealth and status. He lives and breaths as a trader does, engulfed in all aspects of the business. He is harmless in his thoughts and hopes to make Frances as happy as possible. He respects and listens to his sister and is proud to run the business that he inherited.

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