Objects & Places from A Respectable Trade

Philippa Gregory
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The Daisy

This ship has just docked at the opening of the novel, carrying sugar and rum.

The Lily

This is the second of Josiah Cole's three ships that is returning with a load of sugar and rum as the story opens.

The Rose

This is the third ship owned by Josiah Cole and captained by Captain Smedley. Josiah is still waiting for this ship at the end of the novel.

Redclift Dock, Bristol

This is the site of the warehouses of Josiah Cole.

Queens Square

This is where Josiah Cole and Frances Scott buy a home.

The Alafin

This is the name for the king that is an elected monarch who rules.

Old Oyo

This is where Mehuru lives as the story opens.

Merchant Venturers Company

This is a close group of gentleman who are wealthier than those in Josiah Cole's circle, and where Josiah wants to...

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