A Respectable Trade Fun Activities

Philippa Gregory
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Write a Letter

Write a letter from a slave's point of view upon landing in England. Describe the land and people that inhabit this new country.

Scrap Book

Create a scrap book from the point of view of Frances, Sarah, Elizabeth, or Mehuru. Include diary entries with each piece that you add to your scrap book. You can make up newspaper articles and include images of what you think these characters looked like.

Letter of Abolition

Write a letter to Sir Charles in which you persuade him to give up slave ownership and join the abolitionists. Remember to stay focused on facts and not get too emotional in your persuasive letter.


Create a collage of the major themes present in the novel. Think "justice, love, power, politics."


Create a map in which you label all of the important places in the novel: Bristol, the docks, coffee...

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