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Philippa Gregory
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Essay Topic 1

Sarah and Frances share a lot throughout the novel. Although they have some similarities, they are extremely different. Discuss these similarities and differences.

Essay Topic 2

A Respectable Trade is the title of the novel and represents many "trades" that occur in the novel. Discuss trading that occurs in the novel and whether these examples can be deemed "respectable."

Essay Topic 3

The media plays various roles in the novel. Analyze and discuss how the media helps and hinders characters in the novel.

Essay Topic 4

Letters are used as a form of correspondence in the novel. Explain the role of letters in the novel and what kind of effect this style of writing has on the reader.

Essay Topic 5

One of the themes in A Respectable Trade is that of social status. Explain the role of social status in the lives of Frances and Josiah.

Essay Topic 6


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