A Respectable Trade Character Descriptions

Philippa Gregory
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This character is admired and respected in Africa but treated as a slave in England.

Frances Scott Cole

This character is orphaned, lives with an uncle, and must marry in order to achieve any kind of success.

Josiah Cole

This character has worked in the family business of trading and is desperate to move up in society and become financially successful.

Lord Scott

This character is well-respected in society and hopes his niece will find happiness in marriage.

Sarah Cole

This character is constantly worried about money and has a cold disposition.

Stephen Waring

This character sells his home at a high price and manipulates another character into thinking he is an equal member of the Merchant Traders.

Captain Smedley

This character works on a ship and is ordered to double the slave load and smuggle slaves from Africa directly to the Spanish colonies.

Sir Charles


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