A Respectable Trade Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Philippa Gregory
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Chapters One through Four

Chapter 1

• Mehuru is a high ranking priest in Africa who must tell villages not to slave trade anymore.

• Siko is Mehuru's slave who assists Mehuru.

• Frances Scott is a single, 35 year old woman whose parents are deceased.

• Josiah Cole is a trader who proposes a business type marriage to Frances via letter.

• Sarah Cole is Josiah's sister who opposes his marriage
Chapter 2

• Josiah works from the docks awaiting one of his three ships: The Lily, Rose, and Daisy.

• Josiah promises Frances they will buy a nice house if she accepts his proposal.

• Frances accepts Josiah's proposal.

• Mehuru and Siko are knocked unconscious and taken prisoner by slave traders.
Chapter 3

• Frances marries Josiah even though he is of lower class.

• Josiah and Frances do not consummate the marriage on their wedding night.

• Sarah Cole shows Frances her new job and explains the trade.

• Mehuru is...

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