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Samantha Power
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Short Answer Questions

1. Some who are opposed to the United States' ratification of the genocide treaty think it is too broad and therefore can't be used to target what country?

2. On what date does Raphael Lemkin die?

3. What is the name of the book that Lemkin publishes in his attempt to help people believe the claims?

4. On what date does the Allied government condemn Turkey's action against the Armenians?

5. Why does Lemkin flee to Lithuania and then Sweden in 1939?

Short Essay Questions

1. In a cable to Washington, what term did Ambassador Henry Morgenthau use to condemn the actions of the Turkish government against the Armenians?

2. What message did the United States government tell Morgenthau to pass on to Turkey?

3. When the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was proposed by the United States as an international law instead of the UN genocide treaty, what was Raphael Lemkin's reaction?

4. What does Powers say motivates U.S. policymakers to keep the U.S. uninvolved in situations when genocide occurs?

5. The Armenian genocide began when Turkey's interior minister decided that the Turkish Empire would target which group of subjects?

6. Which senator from South Dakota believed that genocide was taking place in Cambodia and wanted the United States to contribute military forces to make it stop?

7. As the Khmer Rouge began its genocidal campaign, the U.S. government issued warnings that a bloodbath might happen in the region. What was many Americans' response to the warnings?

8. After the Vietnamese ousted the Khmer Rouge from power in 1979, what proof of genocide did they find? What was the United States' reaction to the Vietnamese-discovered evidence, and why?

9. Why did the Khmer Rouge especially target people who wore glasses?

10. After Lemkin's death, William Proxmire, a senator from Wisconsin, took up the movement to have the genocide convention ratified in the U.S. What was the date of Senator Proxmire's first genocide speech?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Compare and contrast the United States' initial response to each genocide covered in A Problem from Hell. Use the text to support your statements.

Essay Topic 2

Using the text to support your statements, describe and analyze the shifts in power and position between Rwanda's Tutsi and Hutu in the three decades between Rwanda's independence from Belgium and the Arusha accords.

Essay Topic 3

Bosnian Serbs believed that in order to achieve lasting ethnic purity, they had to cut the ties between citizen and land. Using the text as backup, analyze and explain:

1) the historical and ideological reasons why the Serbs felt that ethnic purity had to be achieved in Bosnia rather than all ethnicities coexisting together peacefully.

2) the methods that the Serbs used to cut the ties between non-Serbian citizens and their land.

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