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Samantha Power
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do most of the Kurds killed by the Iraqis die?
(a) Gas attacks.
(b) Starvation.
(c) Biological attacks.
(d) Mass executions.

2. After the U.S. embassy in London cables Washington with news of the Srbrenica atrocities, how do senior U.S. and UN officials treat the situation?
(a) As nothing out of the ordinary.
(b) As an international humanitarian crisis.
(c) As an act of war.
(d) As a military situation.

3. When Milosevic arrives at the War Crimes Tribunal, he becomes the _______ Yugoslav war crimes suspect behind UN bars.
(a) 40th.
(b) 1st.
(c) 39th.
(d) 15th.

4. Which senator begins denouncing Yugoslavia's human rights issues in the 1980s?
(a) Hillary Clinton.
(b) Ted Kennedy.
(c) Bob Dole.
(d) Strom Thurmond.

5. How many chemical attacks take place against the Kurds throughout Iraq?
(a) More than fifty.
(b) At least forty.
(c) Under twenty.
(d) Over one hundred.

Short Answer Questions

1. The former Yugoslavia presents no obvious threat to:

2. On April 16, 1994, which American newspaper reports the deaths of 1,200 Tutsi (men, women, and children) in a church building?

3. Which concentration center does British Independent Television gain footage of?

4. Which president's administration comes under fire as more people now realize that the U.S. cannot pursue both an end to genocide and a policy of nonintervention in the Balkans?

5. On April 23, NATO officials target the _______________ of Milosevic and his associates.

Short Essay Questions

1. What use did the U.S. fail to make of the satellites it had in space?

2. What would have been the consequences of including, within the U.S. version of the genocide treaty, a restriction on its jurisdiction in cases where the U.S. might be called?

3. Why was the Arusha agreement unpopular with Hutu extremists?

4. What was the human and geographic toll of the Serbs' genocide against the Bosnians, in terms of people killed, people displaced, and partitioning of Bosnian territory?

5. What is an example of one of the many treaties President Jimmy Carter used his leverage to ratify instead of the genocide treaty?

6. Although President Reagan stated that he would endorse the genocide convention, what first step was he, as well as his administration, seemingly reluctant to take?

7. What consequence did the State Department threaten against the Serbian soldiers?

8. What was significant about the UN war crimes tribunal's indictment of Milosevic for crimes against humanity?

9. When Yugoslavia began to break up into smaller countries in 1991, what dilemma was Bosnia thrown into?

10. In the middle of July 1995, what did journalists stationed in the Balkan region begin reporting?

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