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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. While Lanik is away, who is killed in Gill?
(a) Ensel.
(b) Barton.
(c) Dinte.
(d) Saranna.

2. What does the person who meets Lanik on the beach near Anderson try to do?
(a) Hurt Lanik.
(b) Capture Lanik.
(c) Kill Lanik.
(d) Love Lanik.

3. What is the name of the lord in Britton who wants to meet Lanik?
(a) Ensel.
(b) Dubai.
(c) Dul.
(d) Barton.

4. When the Schwartzes all lie down together before sending Lanik off, what shape do the Schwartzes form?
(a) A square.
(b) A circle.
(c) A star.
(d) A triangle.

5. What does Lanik do in the forest to bring the inhabitants out of hiding?
(a) Lanik yells for them to show themselves.
(b) Lanik sinks their lake.
(c) Lanik starts cutting down their trees.
(d) Lanik threatens to kill Ensel.

6. How long does it take the impostor to make his way into the agreed-upon meeting room?
(a) Thirty minutes.
(b) Fifteen minutes.
(c) Five minutes.
(d) One hour.

7. Where are the great illusionists and deceivers from?
(a) Ku Kuei.
(b) Gill.
(c) Anderson.
(d) Schwartz.

8. What does Lanik hope to eliminate by ending the domination of Anderson?
(a) Anarchy.
(b) Deception.
(c) Unfair trade practices.
(d) Dependence on iron.

9. Name one of the illusions the character on the beach near Anderson uses on Lanik.
(a) A volcano.
(b) An earthquake.
(c) A hurricane.
(d) A tornado.

10. When Lanik steps into quicktime upon reaching the castle in Mueller, who does Lanik actually see?
(a) Lanik's double.
(b) Lanik's father.
(c) Mwabao Mawa.
(d) An Anderson illuder.

11. Leaving Schwartz, what does Lanik realize will scar him forever?
(a) The sight of Barton being beheaded.
(b) Being disowned by the Schwartzes.
(c) The terrible scream of the Earth.
(d) The sight of the Schwartzes coming together.

12. As he prepares to leave Ku Kuei, who must Lanik leave behind?
(a) Dinte.
(b) Saranna.
(c) Ensel.
(d) Homarnoch.

13. What is Lanik's original plan regarding the confrontation of Dinte in Mueller?
(a) To shame Dinte regarding their father's death.
(b) To name Dinte as a traitor and kill him.
(c) To haul Dinte to the dungeon.
(d) To beg forgiveness and rule with Dinte.

14. What does Lanik see coming down the street while he is in quicktime in Jones?
(a) A Nkumai coach.
(b) Dinte.
(c) Saranna.
(d) A legion of soldiers.

15. After wandering through Wood and Hank, where does Lanik finally arrive?
(a) Britton.
(b) Nkumai.
(c) Mueller.
(d) Schwartz.

Short Answer Questions

1. After Lanik feels the pain associated with killing his attacker, what does he realize about himself that he never believed before?

2. What is the name of the shepherd that Lanik helps in Britton?

3. What is the result from the last time that Lanik and Dinte's impostor had a meeting?

4. The captain of the guard in Gill thought he had killed and buried Lanik. When Lanik subsequently stands in front of the captain, what does the captain think that Lanik is?

5. When Lanik arrives in Gill, what does he find?

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