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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Lanik's first conversation with the highest official in the land, what do the Nkumai people sell for iron?
(a) Rare tree bark.
(b) Freshly caught rain water.
(c) The smells of the swamp.
(d) Vessels carved from wood.

2. What is unique about the captain of the slave ship?
(a) The captain always delivers his prisoners.
(b) The captain has never lost his way.
(c) The captain can settle all sorts of fights.
(d) The captain is an expert swordsman.

3. According to the person taking Lanik to Nkumai, how many ambassadors are in Nkumai?
(a) Seven.
(b) Four.
(c) One.
(d) Three.

4. Why does Lanik demand to be taken above-board on the slave ship?
(a) Because the other prisoners get to go above-board.
(b) Because Lanik wants to offer the captain a bribe.
(c) Because Lanik needs to see the sun.
(d) Because Lanik wants to face his captors.

5. What is the name of the old soldier who joins Lanik and his two friends as Lanik prepares to leave Mueller?
(a) Ensel.
(b) Mwabao.
(c) Homarnoch.
(d) Kukueian.

6. After the young boy challenges Lanik to manipulate rock, what is the first thing Lanik asks for?
(a) A cliff.
(b) A mountain.
(c) A lake.
(d) Water.

7. Who is the protagonist's brother?
(a) Ensel.
(b) Saranna.
(c) Lanik.
(d) Dinte.

8. When Lanik flings himself into the ocean, what does he hope for?
(a) To float away to safety.
(b) To be rescued by a nearby boat.
(c) To drown.
(d) To land safely on another shore.

9. What do the boat owners decide to do with Lanik?
(a) Sell his regenerating parts.
(b) Kill him.
(c) Trade him for iron.
(d) Sell him as a sideshow freak.

10. What is the name of the people who live in the desert?
(a) The Allisons.
(b) The Nkumaians.
(c) The Schwartzes.
(d) The Ku Kueians.

11. What does Lanik realize as he watches the people who make their home in the desert?
(a) They hide in their homes from the sun.
(b) They have secret stores of water.
(c) They never need to eat or drink.
(d) They convert the desert sand into food.

12. What nickname does Lanik use for his mother?
(a) Ma.
(b) Turd.
(c) Pumpkin.
(d) Old Lady.

13. Why is Lanik's appearance so unnerving to the slavers?
(a) The slavers are unfamiliar with regeneration.
(b) The slavers are sticklers for neatness.
(c) The slavers are afraid of Lanik's strength.
(d) The slavers are awed by Lanik's strength.

14. When Lanik is in his prison cell in Mueller, who comes to visit him?
(a) Ensel.
(b) Mwabao.
(c) Saranna.
(d) Dinte.

15. In Mueller, Lanik's prison cell visitor takes him to see which person?
(a) Saranna.
(b) Ensel.
(c) Mwabao.
(d) Dinte.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do regenerative powers increase in the Family?

2. As Lanik travels away from the desert people, he requests clothes and is asked his name. What happens when Lanik tells people who he is?

3. When Lanik comes to after collapsing in the desert, a young boy is near him. What is the young boy's name?

4. After leaving the castle in Mueller, where does the group of four head to?

5. What does the person helping Lanik give him before he departs?

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