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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. While in the castle in Mueller, whose throat does Lanik slit?
(a) Father.
(b) Saranna.
(c) Mother.
(d) Dinte.

2. When Lanik is returned to his homeland and charged with a number of crimes, what is Lanik's sentence for committing these crimes?
(a) Community restoration.
(b) Death.
(c) Life imprisonment.
(d) Probation.

3. As a result of his condition, what happens to the main character when he meets with his father?
(a) He is enslaved.
(b) He is worshipped.
(c) He is crowned.
(d) He is disowned.

4. Why is the person helping Lanik finally willing to help him?
(a) The person helping Lanik is a rebel spy.
(b) The person helping Lanik has also been wrongfully accused.
(c) The person helping Lanik has no love for the king.
(d) The person helping Lanik is a loyal citizen.

5. What happens when the guards inform Lanik that his cover has been blown?
(a) Lanik explains the situation.
(b) Lanik kills the guards.
(c) Lanik begs for mercy.
(d) Lanik joins the rebel forces.

6. After telling Lanik the source of their iron sales, what does the highest official in the land demand from Lanik?
(a) Monetary compensation.
(b) A percentage of Lanik's food stores.
(c) An information exchange.
(d) Sexual favors.

7. After he reaches the ground, what leaks out of Lanik and falls on the ground?
(a) Part of Lanik's intestine.
(b) Part of Lanik's spleen.
(c) Part of Lanik's stomach.
(d) Part of Lanik's heart.

8. Why does Lanik demand to be taken above-board on the slave ship?
(a) Because the other prisoners get to go above-board.
(b) Because Lanik wants to face his captors.
(c) Because Lanik wants to offer the captain a bribe.
(d) Because Lanik needs to see the sun.

9. After leaving the castle in Mueller, where does the group of four head to?
(a) Gill.
(b) Ku Kuei.
(c) Allison.
(d) Nkumai.

10. What happens at least twice a day in Nkumai?
(a) It gets foggy.
(b) The people descend to find food.
(c) The sun burns the leaves.
(d) It rains.

11. In Mueller, Lanik's prison cell visitor takes him to see which person?
(a) Mwabao.
(b) Ensel.
(c) Saranna.
(d) Dinte.

12. Who is the protagonist's brother?
(a) Ensel.
(b) Dinte.
(c) Saranna.
(d) Lanik.

13. Why does Lanik ask for this particular thing after being challenged by the young boy?
(a) He is thirsty.
(b) It is dramatic.
(c) It would be beautiful.
(d) He is hot.

14. What secret does Lanik hold that enables him to make his escape?
(a) Lanik is a regenerative.
(b) Lanik is a magician.
(c) Lanik has bribed the guards.
(d) Lanik has loosened the bonds.

15. How is Lanik treated by his guards?
(a) Lanik is teased.
(b) Lanik is revered.
(c) Lanik is pitied.
(d) Lanik is tortured.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does the Family first receive regenerative powers?

2. When Lanik flings himself into the ocean, what does he hope for?

3. As the story opens, what condition is the main character facing?

4. What are "cruel bonds"?

5. Who does the main character refuse to take with him as he flees for his life?

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