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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who visits Lanik just before he escapes?
(a) Allison.
(b) Mwabao.
(c) Ensel.
(d) Saranna.

2. In Mueller, Lanik's prison cell visitor takes him to see which person?
(a) Mwabao.
(b) Dinte.
(c) Saranna.
(d) Ensel.

3. What do the boat owners decide to do with Lanik?
(a) Trade him for iron.
(b) Sell his regenerating parts.
(c) Kill him.
(d) Sell him as a sideshow freak.

4. As the group of four leaves Mueller, what does the old soldier take with him?
(a) The library.
(b) A prisoner.
(c) The castle's blueprints.
(d) Nothing.

5. What do the people in Nkumai eat?
(a) Fish.
(b) Birds.
(c) Root vegetables.
(d) Rodents.

6. How do regenerative powers increase in the Family?
(a) Through dietary restrictions.
(b) Through potions.
(c) Through inbreeding.
(d) Through sorcery.

7. After he reaches the ground, what leaks out of Lanik and falls on the ground?
(a) Part of Lanik's intestine.
(b) Part of Lanik's spleen.
(c) Part of Lanik's heart.
(d) Part of Lanik's stomach.

8. Why does Lanik ask for this particular thing after being challenged by the young boy?
(a) He is hot.
(b) It is dramatic.
(c) He is thirsty.
(d) It would be beautiful.

9. When Lanik flings himself into the ocean, what does he hope for?
(a) To drown.
(b) To be rescued by a nearby boat.
(c) To float away to safety.
(d) To land safely on another shore.

10. Why do the crew members try to discourage Lanik from demanding to go above-board?
(a) Because those taken above-board walk the plank.
(b) Because those taken above-board are ridiculed.
(c) Because those taken above-board are beaten.
(d) Because those taken above-board are deceived.

11. What secret does Lanik hold that enables him to make his escape?
(a) Lanik has bribed the guards.
(b) Lanik is a magician.
(c) Lanik has loosened the bonds.
(d) Lanik is a regenerative.

12. Why does Lanik demand to be taken above-board on the slave ship?
(a) Because the other prisoners get to go above-board.
(b) Because Lanik wants to face his captors.
(c) Because Lanik wants to offer the captain a bribe.
(d) Because Lanik needs to see the sun.

13. What happens to the person helping Lanik just as Lanik is preparing to leave?
(a) The person is captured.
(b) The person is shot with a bullet.
(c) The person is shot with an arrow.
(d) The person is set on fire.

14. How do the slavers describe Lanik's appearance after Lanik has been aboard the slave ship for a little while?
(a) Frightening.
(b) Disheveled.
(c) Humbling.
(d) Fit.

15. What must Lanik do as a result of receiving his gift from the Earth?
(a) Jump off the cliff.
(b) Drink the water.
(c) Swim across the lake.
(d) Scale the mountain.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of the old soldier who joins Lanik and his two friends as Lanik prepares to leave Mueller?

2. What best describes the 'Lanik and Lanik" chapter?

3. After the assassination attempt on the main character, where does the main character flee to?

4. What does Lanik realize as he watches the people who make their home in the desert?

5. When Lanik comes to after collapsing in the desert, a young boy is near him. What is the young boy's name?

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