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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After telling Lanik the source of their iron sales, what does the highest official in the land demand from Lanik?
(a) A percentage of Lanik's food stores.
(b) Monetary compensation.
(c) An information exchange.
(d) Sexual favors.

2. Lanik becomes legendary in the land of Sill. What is Lanik known as?
(a) The Naked Man.
(b) The Three-Armed Man.
(c) The Running Man.
(d) The Earth Mover.

3. What is the name of the old soldier who joins Lanik and his two friends as Lanik prepares to leave Mueller?
(a) Homarnoch.
(b) Ensel.
(c) Kukueian.
(d) Mwabao.

4. What does Lanik demand from the captain of the slave ship?
(a) To be freed unconditionally.
(b) To be thrown overboard.
(c) To be set ashore on the nearest land.
(d) To be given edible food.

5. After Lanik slips into the castle in Mueller, what does Lanik cause to happen?
(a) Chaos.
(b) An earthquake.
(c) A flood.
(d) A rebellion.

6. In Mueller, Lanik's prison cell visitor takes him to see which person?
(a) Mwabao.
(b) Ensel.
(c) Dinte.
(d) Saranna.

7. Who does Lanik meet as he travels to Ku Kuei?
(a) A young woman.
(b) An angry soldier.
(c) An old lady.
(d) A young boy.

8. According to what Lanik learns from his visitor, who rules Mueller?
(a) Mwabao.
(b) Mother.
(c) Ensel.
(d) Father.

9. Who teaches Lanik how to care for his basic needs in the trees?
(a) Saranna.
(b) President.
(c) Mwabao.
(d) Ensel.

10. What must Lanik do as a result of receiving his gift from the Earth?
(a) Scale the mountain.
(b) Drink the water.
(c) Jump off the cliff.
(d) Swim across the lake.

11. What does the person helping Lanik give him before he departs?
(a) A map.
(b) A dress.
(c) Money.
(d) Advice.

12. When Lanik is returned to his homeland and charged with a number of crimes, what is Lanik's sentence for committing these crimes?
(a) Community restoration.
(b) Death.
(c) Probation.
(d) Life imprisonment.

13. Who is taking Lanik to Nkumai?
(a) Guide.
(b) Sorcerer.
(c) Traveler.
(d) Teacher.

14. What happens to the person helping Lanik just as Lanik is preparing to leave?
(a) The person is shot with an arrow.
(b) The person is captured.
(c) The person is set on fire.
(d) The person is shot with a bullet.

15. Who does the main character refuse to take with him as he flees for his life?
(a) Ensel.
(b) Lanik.
(c) Dinte.
(d) Saranna.

Short Answer Questions

1. Of the currency tendered on the planet, what is the most valuable form of currency?

2. How does Lanik feel about his mother?

3. As the story opens, what condition is the main character facing?

4. What is the name of the people who live in the desert?

5. What happens when the group of four enters the forest and then reaches the lake?

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