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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Humping.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Lanik escape from prison?
(a) Lanik escapes using the bird nets.
(b) Lanik escapes using the parachute.
(c) Lanik escapes using the ropes.
(d) Lanik escapes using the ladders.

2. What makes Saranna and Lanik unique from the rest of the inhabitants in Humping?
(a) Saranna and Lanik never mingle with the other villagers.
(b) Saranna and Lanik never grow old.
(c) Saranna and Lanik have more than three children.
(d) Saranna and Lanik have many foreign visitors.

3. What does Lanik realize as he watches the people who make their home in the desert?
(a) They never need to eat or drink.
(b) They have secret stores of water.
(c) They hide in their homes from the sun.
(d) They convert the desert sand into food.

4. When Lanik is in his prison cell in Mueller, who comes to visit him?
(a) Dinte.
(b) Mwabao.
(c) Saranna.
(d) Ensel.

5. What do the Ku Kuei love to do?
(a) Help arm soldiers.
(b) Trick others.
(c) Hide amongst the trees.
(d) Ambush travelers.

Short Answer Questions

1. Since being in slowtime, what has Saranna come to realize?

2. How do the people of the forest refer to Saranna upon Lanik's return to this land?

3. Who is the lord's servant, really?

4. What word best describes Gill?

5. What is unique about the captain of the slave ship?

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