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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Britton.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How is Lanik treated by his guards?
(a) Lanik is revered.
(b) Lanik is pitied.
(c) Lanik is teased.
(d) Lanik is tortured.

2. Before becoming the innkeeper in Jones, this character is who?
(a) The Lord of Ku Kuei.
(b) The Prince of Allison.
(c) The King of Nkumai.
(d) The Duke of Forestedge.

3. What is the first town that Lanik comes to?
(a) Mueller.
(b) Nkumai.
(c) Ku Kueilian.
(d) Allison.

4. As the main character prepares to leave his homeland, what does he notice being kept in pens?
(a) Convicted felons.
(b) Radical regeneratives.
(c) Livestock.
(d) Untamed lions.

5. What does Lanik do in the forest to bring the inhabitants out of hiding?
(a) Lanik yells for them to show themselves.
(b) Lanik starts cutting down their trees.
(c) Lanik sinks their lake.
(d) Lanik threatens to kill Ensel.

Short Answer Questions

1. How big is the cell on the ship in which Lanik is imprisoned?

2. Who visits Lanik just before he escapes?

3. As the innkeeper in Jones and Lanik talk, the innkeeper learns from Lanik's speech pattern that Lanik is educated. What does the innkeeper realize that Lanik's education means?

4. Where does Lanik leave the slave ship?

5. After telling Lanik the source of their iron sales, what does the highest official in the land demand from Lanik?

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