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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Ensel.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How is Lanik treated by his guards?
(a) Lanik is teased.
(b) Lanik is tortured.
(c) Lanik is revered.
(d) Lanik is pitied.

2. After telling Lanik the source of their iron sales, what does the highest official in the land demand from Lanik?
(a) Monetary compensation.
(b) Sexual favors.
(c) An information exchange.
(d) A percentage of Lanik's food stores.

3. Where does Lanik leave the slave ship?
(a) Near Mueller.
(b) Near the river by Nkumai.
(c) Near the worst desert in the world.
(d) In the middle of the ocean.

4. How do the slavers describe Lanik's appearance after Lanik has been aboard the slave ship for a little while?
(a) Frightening.
(b) Disheveled.
(c) Fit.
(d) Humbling.

5. What happens at least twice a day in Nkumai?
(a) The sun burns the leaves.
(b) It rains.
(c) The people descend to find food.
(d) It gets foggy.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which wife of Mueller is Lanik's mother?

2. How does Lanik escape from prison?

3. How big is the cell on the ship in which Lanik is imprisoned?

4. Upon arriving in Nkumai, where does the guide take Lanik?

5. What secret does Lanik hold that enables him to make his escape?

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