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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Britton.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Before being distracted by the sight of what is coming down the street in Jones, what is Lanik contemplating doing before leaving Jones?
(a) Playing pranks.
(b) Locking doors.
(c) Picking pockets.
(d) Stealing horses.

2. What two words describe the people aboard the slave ship?
(a) Loving and kind.
(b) Cruel and sentimental.
(c) Sentimental and kind.
(d) Cruel and loving.

3. What is the only way to kill a regenerative?
(a) Set the regenerative on fire.
(b) Cut off the regenerative's head.
(c) Cut out the regenerative's heart.
(d) Stab through the regenerative's heart.

4. Who teaches Lanik how to care for his basic needs in the trees?
(a) Saranna.
(b) Mwabao.
(c) Ensel.
(d) President.

5. Before becoming the innkeeper in Jones, this character is who?
(a) The King of Nkumai.
(b) The Prince of Allison.
(c) The Lord of Ku Kuei.
(d) The Duke of Forestedge.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where must Lanik travel before he can return to the simple peace in Britton for good?

2. When Mwabao recognizes Lanik, what does Lanik see in her eyes?

3. After walking for some time through the forest, Lanik eventually gets tired and lies down. What does Ensel want to do?

4. What does Lanik do in the forest to bring the inhabitants out of hiding?

5. What does Lanik realize about himself as he prepares to leave Ku Kuei?

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