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The Ambassador - This is a device that takes items of worth from the residents of Treason, transports them to the mother planet, and returns portions of iron as payment.

Hitler and Himmler - These are horses the main character takes on his journey.

The Forest of Ku Kuei - This is a forbidden place to which the main character flees.

Swamp Smells - These are sold by the Nkumai in trade for iron.

The King of Nkumai - This is just an idea to maintain power.

The History Books of Nkumai - These are where the main character learns which Family sells physics discoveries in trade for iron.

Allison - This is the country that the protagonist first enters on his trip out from home.

Schwartz - This is a desert place where the main character learns to manipulate and magically manage earth, sand, water, and...

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