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Lesson 1 (from Mueller)


In the beginning of the story after Father dismisses Dinte, Father privately gives Lanik "grief". Saranna also laments Lanik's appointment to Nkumai and deeply cuts her wrists, which heal but cause her illness for a few days. This action represents another incident of giving "grief." Grief is a grieving ritual in Mueller that entails stabbing and bleeding, with great pain but always with the promise of regeneration. Just as Grief is a ritual used in Mueller, so too are many rituals used in our world.

The object of this Lesson Plan is to explore the purpose and use of rituals, both in the story and in the students' lives.


1. Task: Break into small groups and discuss the pros and cons of having rituals, as well as the purposes behind rituals.

2. Task: There are many rituals in our society to help us all deal with grief...

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