A Planet Called Treason Character Descriptions

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Lanik Mueller - This character is plagued with an unfortunate condition, radical regenerativeness, and eventually ends up saving the world.

Dinte Mueller - This character overthrows Father and becomes king.

Ensel Mueller - This character is the king and rules the land until being overthrown.

Mother - This character is not respected at all by the family.

Mwabao Mawa - This character is portrayed as a woman, but turns out to be a man.

Lady Lark - This is the name used when the protagonist pretends to be an ambassador from Bird.

Official Who Feeds All the Poor - The protagonist meets with this character in order to see the king of Nkumai.

The Captain - This is an almost mythical character who is able to understand people, quell conflict, and make smart decisions easily.

Helmut - This character teaches the protagonist the magic of earth, rock...

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