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• As the story opens, the reader is introduced to Lanik, a radical regenerative who has grown breasts and ovaries, in addition to the extra appendages the doctors have been able to remove for him. Regenerative powers come into being as a rogue result of the genetic engineering experiments conducted by the family. Transsexual growth is the sure indicator of a radical regenerative, where the growth cannot be controlled and. Unfortunately, Lanik has transsexual growth.

• Lanik tries to cut off a breast, but it is too painful. When a slave summons Lanik to see Dinte, Dinte teases him about his breasts and suggests Lanik wear a halter.

• Father formally disowns Lanik and declares Dinte, his second son, to be heir. Furthermore, Father demands Lanik's allegiance to Dinte.

• In order to protect Dinte from Lanik's anger, Father sends Lanik to Nkumai as an ambassador. Nkumai is a place where...

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