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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who was George Wilson?
(a) The doctor.
(b) The sheriff.
(c) The driver of the car the Hoovers were in the accident with.
(d) The road construction crew chief.

2. What did the Petersons give Helen and Adrian Hoover?
(a) Their spare car.
(b) Money.
(c) Bread.
(d) Advice about wintering in the cabin.

3. What was the extent of the damage to the Hoovers' car?
(a) The car was not driveable.
(b) There was no damage to the car.
(c) The damage was merely cosmetic.
(d) Repairs would cost more than the car was worth.

4. How did Helen and Adrian Hoover describe the foreman who brought their meat?
(a) Loony.
(b) Sleep-deprived.
(c) Drunk.
(d) Manic.

5. What will the Hoovers be giving up when they move to the cabin?
(a) Their contact with the world.
(b) Their savings.
(c) Their income.
(d) Their families.

6. Who were Sven and Hilda Peterson?
(a) Owners of the land Helen and Adrian Hoover wanted to buy.
(b) Proprietors of a lodge.
(c) Adrian's bosses.
(d) Helen's cousins.

7. Who was Carl Johnson?
(a) A photographer.
(b) A local fisherman.
(c) A forest ranger.
(d) The owner of the land Helen and Adrian Hoover wanted to buy.

8. What were conditions like when Helen and Adrian Hoover returned to the cabin after the storm?
(a) Ordinary.
(b) Idyllic.
(c) Treacherous.
(d) Strained.

9. What are Helen and Adrian Hoover surprised by when the moving truck arrives?
(a) The cost.
(b) How quickly everything was put away.
(c) The amount of furniture they have.
(d) How unnecessary their things are here.

10. How did Helen and Adrian Hoover feel after trying to work in the same space?
(a) Resentful.
(b) Frustrated.
(c) Ecstatic.
(d) Harmonious.

11. What did George Wilson tell Helen and Adrian Hoover about the lawsuit he filed?
(a) He thought he might get away with something.
(b) He thought it was the only way to get money for repairs.
(c) He didn't know anything about it.
(d) He thought he could get some money out of the insurance companies.

12. What was Helen doing when she had an accident in the cabin?
(a) Investigating a faulty trap door.
(b) Cutting onions.
(c) Chasing a mouse.
(d) Investigating a hole in the roof.

13. What did Helen and Adrian Hoover try to get rid of by opening the windows?
(a) Moths.
(b) Mosquitoes.
(c) The smell of mildew.
(d) Smoke from their fire.

14. Who was with the driver of the other car?
(a) The man's daughter.
(b) The man's spouse.
(c) The man's mother.
(d) The man's dog.

15. What was Helen and Adrian Hoover's response to George Wilson's suit?
(a) They ignored his suit.
(b) They filed a countersuit.
(c) They settled.
(d) They threatened George Wilson with a countersuit.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did the Hoovers ask the Larimers?

2. What was Sven's recommendation after the storm?

3. What was it about Helen's retirement check that had Helen and Adrian Hoover nervous?

4. What did Helen watch after the wood loading was finished?

5. What did Adrian wheel into the icehouse?

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