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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where was the guest cabin Helen and Adrian Hoover stayed at?
(a) Lake Winnipesauke.
(b) Lake Michigan.
(c) Lake Superior.
(d) Lake of the Woods.

2. What trait of Jacques Plessis inspired Helen?
(a) His tenacity.
(b) His tenderness.
(c) His intelligence.
(d) His honesty.

3. What accident did Helen and Adrian Hoover almost have on the way to get wood?
(a) They nearly drove off the road.
(b) They nearly hit a deer.
(c) They nearly collided with a construction vehicle.
(d) They nearly lost the trailer.

4. What did Helen do with the money that came through?
(a) Bought clothing.
(b) Bought groceries.
(c) Paid off the movers.
(d) Bought the Larimers' place.

5. What was Adrian Hoover's job?
(a) Art director.
(b) Chemist.
(c) Publicity agent.
(d) Optician.

6. Where did Helen and Adrian Hoover plan to get water when they could?
(a) From the spring in their basement.
(b) From the nearby brook.
(c) From rainfall off the roof.
(d) From the lake.

7. How did Helen and Adrian Hoover nearly asphyxiate themselves in the cabin?
(a) The mildew in the cabin was so bad they could hardly breathe.
(b) The barrel-furnace burned out and spewed fumes.
(c) The pilot light on the stove went out and the cabin filled with propane.
(d) The chimney clogs and the cabin filled with smoke.

8. What position were the Hoovers in with regard to insurance after the accident?
(a) They are covered after paying a $500 deductible.
(b) They are covered.
(c) They have to pay for repairs.
(d) The other driver's insurance will cover repairs.

9. How did the Hoovers try to conserve wood?
(a) By staying in bed as much as possible.
(b) By huddling near one heat source.
(c) By wearing all the clothes they have.
(d) By spending time outside the cabin.

10. Helen's boss send her to speak to ______________.
(a) A friend of his.
(b) A home health aide company.
(c) A real estate broker.
(d) A psychiatrist.

11. What was Adrian's diagnosis?
(a) Bruised heart.
(b) Punctured lung.
(c) Bruised knees.
(d) Detached ribs.

12. Helen asked her boss for _____________after Adrian's operation.
(a) A raise.
(b) A home health aide.
(c) A year off.
(d) A promotion.

13. What did Jacques Plessis offer the Hoovers?
(a) Help if his tip does not pan out.
(b) Assistance if he can ever offer it.
(c) Free firewood for their help.
(d) Money for their help.

14. What was Helen impressed by after the accident?
(a) How much damage resulted from the crash.
(b) How little damage there was.
(c) How angry the other driver got.
(d) How the locals rallied around her and Adrian.

15. How did Adrian expect to load the wood?
(a) With Sven's help.
(b) With John Anderson's help.
(c) With Helen's help.
(d) By himself.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Helen feel about living in the cabin when Adrian went to get the mail at the end of Section 4 "...And its aftermath"?

2. What did Adrian wheel into the icehouse?

3. What did the Petersons give Helen and Adrian Hoover?

4. What did John Anderson assure Helen and Adrian Hoover he would do?

5. What did Jacques Plessis give the Hoovers?

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