A Place in the Woods Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What were the Hoovers' positions before the moved to the cabin?

Adrian Hoover was an art director for a textbook publisher, and his wife was a metallurgy researcher in Chicago.

2. Describe the first cabin the Hoovers bought.

The Hoovers bought their first cabin from Carl Johnson, the owner and builder. The cabin is small, weathered, and rustic, but the Hoovers think they can fix it up.

3. What mishaps did Helen and Adrian Hoover have on moving into the cabin?

Helen fell through the trap door, but Adrian caught her just in time. In the basement, Helen slipped and fell and nearly knocked over jars of sulfuric acid.

4. What opportunity did the Hoovers see in the basement?

The muddy floor made Adrian think that they could use the basement as a water source, so he dug a channel for the water.

5. What happened to the cabin during the rainstorm?

The windows rattled, and the walls shook. Helen felt a jarring sensation, then a heavy crunch, as the basement walls gave way. The cabin was also struck by a tree that tore a hole in the roof, and the basement flooded out.

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