Objects & Places from A Place in the Woods

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The Log Cabin

This building is where the main characters spend their winters.

The Ice House

This building serves as a makeshift office.

Chicken Coops

These structures exist both inside and outside the cabin.

Storage Building

This building is used for extra materials and non-perishable foodstuffs.

The Bear Tree

This place is named after the creature who sleeps in it.

The Summer House

This building is not insulated for cold.

The Hoovers' Dock

This place connects the house to the lake.

The Bridge

This structure crosses a brook just west of the summer house.

Woodpecker Tree

This place is home to a mated pair of birds.

The Hoovers' Car Port

This structure is open, yet covered.

The Small Plant

This object is a generator.

Log Roller

This object burns wood evenly.

Junk Barrel

This object is once used to keep a bear out of the log cabin.

The Hoovers' Boat

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