A Place in the Woods Character Descriptions

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Helen Hoover

This person is a scientist by trade.


This person was an artist in the employ of a Chicago-based advertising agency.

Sven Peterson

This person is the owner and proprietor of a lodge.

Hilda Peterson

This person gives advice concerning food preparation.

Carl Johnson

This person is a log carpenter.

John Anderson

This person is the workman responsible for repairing the foundation of the log cabin.

Mrs. Mouse

This figure is a partially crippled rodent which the author rescues.

Little Bear

This figure is the small and twitchy-tailed creature who sleeps atop a tree near the log cabin.

Dr. Jones

This person is the physician who treats people's wounds after car accidents.

George Wilson

This person is the driver of the other vehicle in the car accident.

Jacques Plessis

This person is a hungry and exhausted trapper.


This figure is a rodent that is gradually...

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