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Dollar Bill

This object symbolizes sexuality. When the young woman to whom Sammy refers as "Queenie" (5) puts her intended purchase on the counter, he wonders from what location she plans to retrieve this object. She then reaches into the top of her bathing suit and plucks out this object, all the while keeping a "prim" look on her face, a detail Sammy finds "so cute" (12).

Can of Herring Snacks

This object symbolizes class differences. When Sammy hears "Queenie" (5) pronounce particular words in a certain way and sees her present this object for purchase, he imagines himself being sucked into her living room, where he sees her parents and their guests dressed in fancy attire and eating fancy foods like herring snacks with the use of toothpicks. He then reflects upon his own family's parties and considers the fare they serve to be substandard.

Supermarket Aisle

This object symbolizes...

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