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Lesson 1 (from Paragraphs 1-6)


Students will analyze how John Updike brings together elements within the exposition stage of the story “A and P” in order to set up a unique world that will serve as the story’s foundation.

Plot development is an incredibly important and multifaceted element of any story, and Updike's story is no exception. In particular, the exposition stage of a story that unfolds in real time, consists of only 32 paragraphs, and portrays a major turning point in the young protagonist Sammy’s life, must be effective in getting across to the reader an array of elements crucial to setting up the world imagined by Updike. In addition, Updike’s use of the exposition phase is crucial to setting up major themes of the work, such as integrity, rebellion against authority, and societal expectations. By analyzing the exposition phase, students can gain a greater understanding of how...

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