Objects & Places from A Northern Light

Jennifer Donnelly
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Glenmore Hotel

This is the establishment where Mattie goes to work to earn money during the summer.

Big Moose Lake

This is the body of water by the establishment where Mattie works, and the location where Grace Brown is murdered in the novel.


These items are given to Mattie by Grace Brown with the intention that Mattie will burn them.

Barnard College

This is the school where Mattie hopes to attend after receiving a full scholarship.

The Bible

This is the only book that Mattie's Aunt Josie suggests she read.

Adirondack Mountains

Mattie and her family live in this region of northern New York.

New York City

This is the location where Mattie hopes to move in order to attend college.


Royal Loomis gives this gift to Mattie for her seventeenth birthday.

Columbia University

This is the school where Weaver Smith hopes to attend in New...

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