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Jennifer Donnelly
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Essay Topic 1

Describe and discuss the murder of Grace Brown at the Covewood Lodge in 1906. Who was tried and convicted of the murder? What transcripts remain of the trial? What evidence was presented? Where in the Adirondacks did the murder occur? How does the author incorporate this setting into A Northern Light?

Essay Topic 2

The narrative of A Northern Light rotates between two different timelines. Discuss the linear structure of the plot and the author’s reasons for developing the plot in this way. How do the events in the two timelines relate to one another? How does the author develop tension using this narrative style?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss the language style of the novel. How would you characterize the style of the dialogue of the characters? Does the author use specific idioms related to the setting of the narrative? What can you discern of the novel’s...

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