A Northern Light Character Descriptions

Jennifer Donnelly
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Aunt Josie Aber

This character is married to a sawmill owner, and is therefore wealthy enough to help the protagonist with her travel expenses to Barnard. However, she is a proud and frivolous gossip who spends her money on expensive figurines and discourages the protagonist from reading any book other than the Bible.

Belinda Becker

This character in the novel represents for protagonist the qualities that good wives are supposed to have: a certain giggly, glib social grace, and not much intelligence.

Grace Brown

This character is based on an actual woman of the same name who was murdered by in 1906 on Big Moose Lake in the Adirondacks.

Minnie Compeau

This character is the protagonist’s best girlfriend who is already married and pregnant when the novel opens.

Mrs. Hennessey

This character is known at the Glenmore Hotel as “Cook.” She is chief cook and supervises her fellow...

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