A Moveable Feast Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What is Hemingway's wife excited about when he returns to their apartment at the beginning of the book?

When Hemingway returns to the small apartment he rents with his wife, she is excited about the prospect of going away to the mountains, and wants to leave right away.

2. How does finishing a story make Hemingway feel?

Hemingway says finishing a story makes him feel a strange combination of both happy and sad, as though he had made love and it ended too soon.

3. Why is Hemingway writing about Michigan while he is in Paris?

Hemingway has trouble writing about places that he is currently living in. He was unable to write about his time in Michigan until he was no longer living in Michigan.

4. Where does Hemingway do a lot of his writing?

Hemingway rents a small room on the top floor of a hotel where he writes.

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