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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through People of the Seine.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does one woman always sell her books cheaply?
(a) She does not need the money.
(b) She is poor.
(c) She has no idea if they are valuable.
(d) She has already read them.

2. Where does Hemingway like to go for reading material?
(a) The Book Nook.
(b) Shakespeare and Company.
(c) The Globe Library.
(d) Williams Novels.

3. What does Hemingway want to write stories about?
(a) Things he wishes he could do.
(b) People he has known.
(c) Things he has done.
(d) Things he knows.

4. What is less challenging to Hemingway in Paris after his winter vacation?
(a) The hills.
(b) The coldness.
(c) The strange people.
(d) The language.

5. Where is Hemingway at the beginning of the book?
(a) Paris.
(b) St. Petersburg.
(c) New York.
(d) London.

Short Answer Questions

1. What author does Stein recommend that Hemingway read?

2. What kind of fish do the Paris fishermen catch?

3. What does Stein base her literary tastes on?

4. Where do most of Hemingway's stories take place?

5. Where does Hemingway do much of his writing?

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