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Paris - The largest city in France and the home of a considerable number of expatriates in the years following World War I.

Closerie des Lilas - Hemingway's home cafe where he sometimes goes to work.

Shakespeare and Company - The bookstore and lending library founded by Sylvia Beach that specializes in English language books.

The Lost Generation - A phrase used by Gertrude Stein to describe Hemingway and others of his age who had been through World War I.

Seine - A large river that runs through the center of the largest city in France.

Le Dome - One of the cafes where Hemingway meets with the painter, Pascin, and has a flirtatious encounter with two of his models.

Louvre - Hemingway takes Fitzgerald here to look at the nude statues.

Musee du Luxembourg - The museum Hemingway often visits to look at the paintings, especially...

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