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The largest city in France and the home of a considerable number of expatriates in the years following World War I.

Closerie des Lilas

Hemingway's home cafe where he sometimes goes to work.

Shakespeare and Company

The bookstore and lending library founded by Sylvia Beach that specializes in English language books.

The Lost Generation

A phrase used by Gertrude Stein to describe Hemingway and others of his age who had been through World War I.


A large river that runs through the center of the largest city in France.

Le Dome

One of the cafes where Hemingway meets with the painter, Pascin, and has a flirtatious encounter with two of his models.


Hemingway takes Fitzgerald here to look at the nude statues.

Musee du Luxembourg

The museum Hemingway often visits to look at the paintings, especially those of Cezanne.


The Austrian town where Hemingway...

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