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A Good Cafe on the Place St.-Michel

• Hemingway comments on the cold weather that makes Paris cold and dreary.

• He rents a hotel room where he does some of his writing. He knows the room would be cold that day, so he goes to a cafe instead.
• Hemingway orders some rum and writes. The story comes easily, and he is only distracted by a pretty girl.

• He finishes his story about Michigan. He thinks about his family living in the mountains for the winter. His wife is excited about the change.

• Hemingway write stories for a Toronto newspaper, but wants to write fiction stories. He can't write about places he currently lives.

Miss Stein Instructs

• Hemingway comes back to Paris and feels refreshed from his vacation. He hiked everday, and the Paris hills are no longer a challenge to him.

• Hemingway writes well and easily now. He...

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