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Short Answer Questions

1. During a rest on the way back to Shrewsbury, what does Brother Jerome tell Brother Cadfael about St. Winifred's bones?

2. How does Brother Columbanus injure Sioned when he tries to kill her?

3. After the voice awakens Brother Columbanus and calls his name, what does the voice refer to him as?

4. What does Brother Cadfael say about the solution to the murder Brother Columbanus' dream brings?

5. What does Brother Cadfael hope for Rhisiart, who is buried in the same grave with St. Winifred in Gwytherin?

Short Essay Questions

1. What news does Bened relay to Brother Cadfael during Bened's pilgrimage to Walsingham?

2. What are the results when Sioned strays from the plan to test Brother Columbanus to see if he killed Rhisiart?

3. How does Brother John take advantage of his punishment?

4. What is Peredur's confession at Rhisiart's funeral?

5. How do Father Huw, Brother Richard, Brother Jerome, and Brother Columbanus fare with Brother Cadfael's plan to trap Rhisiart's murderer?

6. How does Dame Branwen's behavior help build suspicion against Brother Columbanus?

7. How does Prior Robert deal with Brother Cadfael's plan to trap Rhisiart's murderer while the vigil is held at St. Winifred's grave?

8. What is Brother Cadafel's plan to handle the situation involving St. Winifred's remains and Brother Columbanus' body?

9. Why should anyone who knows about Brother Cadfael's plan to handle St. Winifred's remains and Brother Columbanus' body not speak of it until the brothers have left Gwytherin?

10. What is Brother Cadfael's plan to trap Rhisiart's murderer while the vigil is held at St. Winifred's grave?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Brother Cadfael needs to use quite a bit of reasoning to solve the mystery of Rhisiart's death. Explain the difference between inductive and deductive reasoning. Which did Brother Cadfael use more frequently, inductive or deductive reasoning? In which situations did he use this form of reasoning? As you formulate your answer, think of these terms: clues, inference, logic, and evidence.

Essay Topic 2

Write about a group of the following concepts as they relate to A Morbid Taste for Bones: A Mediaeval Whodunnit. Give examples from the story to support your answer.

1) morals, ethics

2) logic, faith, and beliefs

3) leaders, followers, and devotion.

Essay Topic 3

Choose a situation in the story in which Brother Cadfael acted in a way you disagree with. Describe the situation. Why did Brother Cadfael act this way? What were the consequences of his actions? Why do you disagree with Brother Cadfael's reaction to the situation? How would you have reacted? Why?

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