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Short Answer Questions

1. For what reason does Prior Robert think that Rhisiart didn't come to their meeting to work out their differences?

2. What are the results when Brother Richard looks for Rhisiart?

3. What does Brother Cadfael do after Prior Robert dismisses him and Brother John after Father Huw says he will plan a meeting?

4. What does Peredur do when the men try to close in on Engelard?

5. What does Prior Robert do when it is stated that Engelard is the prime suspect in the murder of Rhisiart?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Brother Cadfael's explanation about holy men when Bened expresses confusion about who may have killed Rhisiart?

2. When Rhisiart doesn't come to the dinner meeting to work out the differences with Prior Robert, what does Prior Robert believe about him?

3. What confuses Father Huw and the Welsh girl Brother Cadfael meets regarding Prior Robert's mission?

4. What myth about a murderer going near or touching the murder victim does Sioned relate to Brother Cadfael?

5. What is the expectation of the Welsh people of Gwytherin regarding murder?

6. How does Prior Robert try to avoid a debate with Father Huw regarding Prior Robert's proposal?

7. What does Brother Cadfael confide to Cal regarding the transfer of St. Winifred to Shrewsbury?

8. What is the relationship between Engelard and Rhisiart?

9. After finding that the front of Rhisiart's clothing is wet and the back of his clothing is dry, what do Brother Cadfael and Sioned determine about Rhisiart's death?

10. What is Father Huw's news after he meets with the heads of the parish?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

A stereotype is a broad generalization about a certain group of people or a type of person that implies the members of this group have no individual qualities. In the time A Morbid Taste for Bones: A Mediaeval Whodunnit was set, society had certain expectations for females, a cultural female stereotype. What was the cultural female stereotype during the time the story was set? Which characters represent the stereotypical female of the time? How? Which characters defy the female stereotype of the time? How? Which male characters support the female stereotype? How do you know? Which male characters support the individuality of the female? How do you know?

Essay Topic 2

In A Morbid Taste for Bones: A Mediaeval Whodunnit, Brother Jerome and Brother Columbanus both have dreams. Compare and contrast their dreams. What are their dreams about? Do the dreams provide any hints or clues of events that take place later in the story? What is the author's purpose in including the dreams in the story?

Essay Topic 3

Internal conflict affects different characters in the story. Choose a character who faces internal conflict. Explain what the conflict is, how the character attempts to resolve the internal conflict, if the conflict is resolved and how it is resolved, if the conflict is not resolved, why it is not resolved, and what you learned about the character from the internal conflict. How does the resolution or lack of resolution of the internal conflict affect the character?

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