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Short Answer Questions

1. What is "falling sickness"?

2. When do the heads of the parish want Prior Robert to take St. Winifred's remains?

3. How does Peredur react when he hears the message Brother Cadfael relays to him from Sioned?

4. How does Father Huw feel when he learns of the approval of Prior Robert's mission?

5. How does Brother Columbanus make Brother Jerome a suspect in Rhisiart's murder?

Short Essay Questions

1. What do Brother Cadfael and Brother John notice about the oxen and their relationship with the ox-caller?

2. How does Brother Jerome's dream of Winifred benefit Brother Columbanus?

3. How does Prior Robert attempt to get Rhisiart to agree to his proposal during the private discussion away from the public meeting?

4. Contrast Brother Cadfael's and Brother John's devotion to Prior Robert with Brother Jerome's and Brother Columbanus' devotion to Prior Robert.

5. What myth about a murderer going near or touching the murder victim does Sioned relate to Brother Cadfael?

6. What is Father Huw's advice to Prior Robert about getting Rhisiart to agree to his proposal?

7. What is Brother Cadfael's explanation about holy men when Bened expresses confusion about who may have killed Rhisiart?

8. After Prior Robert discusses acquiring a relic, how do the monks care for Brother Columbanus when he has an episode of "falling sickness"?

9. Explain the warning that Padrig gives to Brother Cadfael and Brother John regarding the meeting about Prior Robert's proposal.

10. What do we learn about Brother John from his reaction to Prior Robert's desire to obtain relics for the abbey?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

List the main events from A Morbid Taste for Bones: A Mediaeval Whodunnit. Could you change the order of the main events or leave out any main events? Why or why not? What does this say about the author's organization of the material? Why might he have organized it the way he did?

Essay Topic 2

Internal conflict affects different characters in the story. Choose a character who faces internal conflict. Explain what the conflict is, how the character attempts to resolve the internal conflict, if the conflict is resolved and how it is resolved, if the conflict is not resolved, why it is not resolved, and what you learned about the character from the internal conflict. How does the resolution or lack of resolution of the internal conflict affect the character?

Essay Topic 3

Brother Cadfael needs to use quite a bit of reasoning to solve the mystery of Rhisiart's death. Explain the difference between inductive and deductive reasoning. Which did Brother Cadfael use more frequently, inductive or deductive reasoning? In which situations did he use this form of reasoning? As you formulate your answer, think of these terms: clues, inference, logic, and evidence.

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