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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Brother Columbanus claim that St. Winifred told him in a dream about the brothers' mission?
(a) Someone stands in the way of their goal.
(b) They are looking in the wrong place.
(c) They are doing the right thing.
(d) They should abandon their mission.

2. What news does Bened bring to Brother Cadfael about Sioned and Engelard?
(a) They have taken over caring for St. Winifred's grave.
(b) They are married.
(c) Sioned's uncle is trying to separate them.
(d) They have moved to Engelard's home in England.

3. Who tells Peredur to go home after Peredur reacts to Sioned's request?
(a) Brother Cadfael.
(b) Prior Robert.
(c) Father Huw.
(d) Sioned.

4. While he is digging for St. Winifred's remains, how does Brother Cadfael imagine St. Winifred?
(a) As a girl in love with a prince.
(b) As a girl devoted to God.
(c) As a cunning schemer.
(d) As a wild, carefree spirit.

5. Who is going to help Brother John escape before Brother John can be arrested?
(a) Cal.
(b) Bened.
(c) Brother Cadfael.
(d) Sioned.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Brother Columbanus injure Sioned when he tries to kill her?

2. What keeps the people from making Brother Columbanus a saint?

3. How does Brother Cadfael feel, now that the situation with Brother Columbanus and St. Winifred has been concluded?

4. What does Father Huw thank Brother Cadfael for after Brother Cadfael helps Dame Branwen?

5. To what does Brother Cadfael tell Sioned to personally invite Peredur?

Short Essay Questions

1. Because the body of a murderer seems to be bringing as many miracles as the bones of a saint, what conclusion can we draw about the connection between beliefs, logic, faith, and miracles?

2. What is Annest's concern about Brother John and how is her concern dealt with?

3. Contrast Brother Cadfael's opinion of women with the medieval opinion of women, as represented by Father Huw.

4. What does Brother Cadfael believe about St. Winifred when Sioned tells him why she deviated from the plan to get Brother Columbanus to confess to her father's murder?

5. What does Brother Cadfael do to manage Prior Robert when Bened tells of the miracles occurring at St. Winifred's former grave?

6. Describe the behavior of Dame Branwen, Peredur's mother, as Brother Cadfael sees her when Father Huw asks him to help.

7. What does Brother Columbanus claim that St. Winifred told him in a dream?

8. How does Prior Robert deal with Brother Cadfael's plan to trap Rhisiart's murderer while the vigil is held at St. Winifred's grave?

9. How does Brother Cadfael capitalize on the people's faith and belief in miracles when he conceals Brother Columbanus' death?

10. How does Brother John take advantage of his punishment?

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