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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After Brother Cadfael gives Peredur the message from Sioned, what does he learn about Cal?
(a) Cal has decided to join a monastery.
(b) Cal is escorting Brother John to England.
(c) Cal is guarding Brother John's cell.
(d) Cal has disappeared.

2. Why is Father Huw planning a meeting for the day after the monks arrive in Gwytherin?
(a) To find housing for the monks.
(b) To find jobs for the monks.
(c) To discuss Prior Robert's proposal.
(d) To put Prior Robert on trial.

3. As Brother Cadfael and Sioned discuss Rhisiart's murder, whom do they agree did not murder Rhisiart?
(a) Brother Jerome.
(b) Prior Robert.
(c) Peredur.
(d) Engelard.

4. Along with Brother Jerome, whom does Prior Robert send to St. Winifred's chapel?
(a) Father Huw.
(b) Brother Columbanus.
(c) Brother Richard.
(d) Brother Cadfael.

5. To get his proposal approved, what characteristic of Rhisiart does Father Huw tell Prior Robert to appeal to?
(a) Rhisiart's generosity.
(b) Rhisiart's pride.
(c) Rhisiart's family values.
(d) Rhisiart's deep faith.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Brother Cadfael persuade Abbot Heribert that he is necessary on the expedition to Gwytherin?

2. What is Father Huw's job in Gwytherin?

3. Who does Prior Robert say killed Rhisiart?

4. What does Father Huw say when Rhisiart doesn't come to the meeting with Prior Robert?

5. According to Cal, the ploughman, why does Bened believe he will not be able to marry Sioned?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Father Huw's news after he meets with the heads of the parish?

2. What is Father Huw's role in the discussion regarding Prior Robert's proposal?

3. How does Prior Robert try to avoid a debate with Father Huw regarding Prior Robert's proposal?

4. What do Brother Cadfael and Brother John notice about the oxen and their relationship with the ox-caller?

5. Contrast Engelard's views on running away from Rhisiart's murder scene with Peredur's reaction to running away.

6. How are Padrig's beliefs about women representative of the general opinion of women during the 12th century, the time at which the story was set?

7. What does Brother Cadfael confide to Cal regarding the transfer of St. Winifred to Shrewsbury?

8. What myth about a murderer going near or touching the murder victim does Sioned relate to Brother Cadfael?

9. What is the interaction between Prior Robert and Brother John when it is decided to hold Engelard prisoner?

10. What are Father Huw's views on the approval of Prior Robert's proposal by Bishop David and Prince Owain and the approval of the townspeople?

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