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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Sioned appear to Brother Columbanus when she pretends to be St. Winifred?
(a) Dressed in her father's clothing.
(b) Dressed as a nun.
(c) Dressed in a flowing white gown.
(d) Dressed in grave rags.

2. After the voice awakens Brother Columbanus and calls his name, what does the voice refer to him as?
(a) False servant.
(b) True and faithful servant.
(c) Champion of my will.
(d) Blasphemous sinner.

3. What does Sioned want Peredur to do before they bury Rhisiart?
(a) Place a cross on his chest.
(b) Pray for him.
(c) Kiss Rhisiart on the forehead.
(d) Place a sacred cloth on his body.

4. According to the voice, what was the man sent by St. Winifred supposed to enforce?
(a) Her will to avenge the death of Prince Cradoc.
(b) Her will to see that Sioned and Engelard are married.
(c) Her will to remain in Gwytherin.
(d) Her will to be moved to Shrewsbury.

5. How does Sioned feel when she hears that St. Winifred forgives her father?
(a) Betrayed.
(b) Joyful.
(c) Enraged.
(d) Relieved.

6. What is the topic of discussion at the meeting Brother Cadfael goes to after leaving Father Huw?
(a) A woman's place in society.
(b) How divided the town has become.
(c) Dame Branwen's condition.
(d) Rhisiart's holdings.

7. In what condition is Dame Branwen, Peredur's mother, when Father Huw asks Brother Cadfael for help with her?
(a) Unconscious.
(b) In a trance.
(c) Deathly ill.
(d) Hysterical with grief.

8. Where are Prior Robert and the other brothers gathered when Sioned and her servants approach?
(a) St. Winifred's grave.
(b) In Bened's home.
(c) Inside St. Winifred's chapel.
(d) At the scene of Rhisiart's murder.

9. What happens to the procession bringing St. Winifred's bones to Shrewsbury, as it is raining?
(a) The procession enters Shrewsbury with no reception.
(b) The procession stays dry.
(c) The return to Shrewsbury must be delayed.
(d) The procession is soaked and the coffin begins to come apart.

10. What does Brother Cadfael say about the solution to the murder Brother Columbanus' dream brings?
(a) That it has no basis in fact.
(b) That he agrees with the solution.
(c) That he is glad the mystery has been solved.
(d) That it is tidy and well-calculated.

11. Who tries to rouse Brother Columbanus from his trance during the vigil on the third night?
(a) Annest.
(b) Father Huw.
(c) Prior Robert.
(d) Brother Cadfael.

12. What excuse does Prior Robert give for not being able to help Brother Richard hold vigil on the second night?
(a) The sheriff will be questioning him.
(b) He needs to meet with Prince Owain and Bishop David.
(c) He is afraid to approach Rhisiart's body.
(d) He is busy with the bailiff.

13. During a rest on the way back to Shrewsbury, what does Brother Jerome tell Brother Cadfael about St. Winifred's bones?
(a) Her bones have begun to bring miracles.
(b) Her bones have crumbled to dust.
(c) Her bones are not in her coffin.
(d) That Brother Cadfael should have more faith in the power of St. Winifred's bones.

14. How does Sioned feel, knowing that Peredur did not murder her father?
(a) Excited.
(b) Relieved.
(c) Concerned.
(d) Suspicious.

15. What does Prior Robert notice about the stories Bened tells of what is happening at St. Winifred's former grave?
(a) The stories of the miracles are not as great as what is occurring at Shrewsbury.
(b) The stories of the miracles are greater than what is occurring at Shrewsbury.
(c) Bened seems to be embarrassed to tell of what is happening at St. Winifred's former grave.
(d) The stories of the miracles seem unbelievable.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Sioned and Engelard name their son?

2. What is the purpose of Bened's trip to Walsingham?

3. Who tells Peredur to go home after Peredur reacts to Sioned's request?

4. After Sioned, Brother Cadfael, and Engelard discover that Brother Columbanus is dead, what does Engelard suggest they do?

5. While he is digging for St. Winifred's remains, how does Brother Cadfael imagine St. Winifred?

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