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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. To what does Brother Cadfael tell Sioned to personally invite Peredur?
(a) Brother John's trial.
(b) Dinner.
(c) Rhisiart's funeral.
(d) A vigil at St. Winifred's grave.

2. What event does Prior Robert not allow to bother him now that he believes his mission was successful?
(a) Brother John's escape.
(b) Sioned and Engelard's marriage.
(c) The long trip back to Shrewsbury.
(d) The dull and dreary weather.

3. What does Brother Cadfael hope for Rhisiart, who is buried in the same grave with St. Winifred in Gwytherin?
(a) Rhisiart can forgive Brother Columbanus.
(b) Rhisiart will watch over Sioned and Engelard.
(c) Rhisiart will receive the same honors as St. Winifred.
(d) Rhisiart is with Sioned's mother.

4. How does Brother Columbanus die?
(a) Stabbed with his own dagger.
(b) Broken neck.
(c) Overdose of poppy-seed syrup.
(d) Shot with an arrow.

5. Who understands Dame Branwen's condition and wants to help her?
(a) Sioned.
(b) Brother Columbanus.
(c) Peredur.
(d) Annest.

6. Where are Prior Robert and the other brothers gathered when Sioned and her servants approach?
(a) In Bened's home.
(b) St. Winifred's grave.
(c) Inside St. Winifred's chapel.
(d) At the scene of Rhisiart's murder.

7. What is strange about the contents of the bottle of poppy seed syrup with which Brother Cadfael wants to treat Dame Branwen?
(a) It has a strange odor.
(b) A large amount is missing.
(c) It is an unusual color.
(d) The bottle is empty.

8. What happens to the procession bringing St. Winifred's bones to Shrewsbury, as it is raining?
(a) The return to Shrewsbury must be delayed.
(b) The procession enters Shrewsbury with no reception.
(c) The procession is soaked and the coffin begins to come apart.
(d) The procession stays dry.

9. When Sioned and her servants approach, what are Prior Robert and the other brothers doing?
(a) Sleeping.
(b) Talking.
(c) Eating.
(d) Praying.

10. How does Brother Richard respond when Sioned makes her request to him regarding her father?
(a) He claims he wants to ask Prior Robert's permission first.
(b) He becomes nervous and begins to sweat.
(c) He refuses to comply with her wishes.
(d) He follows her directions without incident.

11. After Sioned and Brother Cadfael discuss Brother Columbanus' possible motives for killing Rhisiart, what is Sioned determined to do?
(a) Atone for her sin of accusing holy men of a crime.
(b) Find St. Winifred's remains.
(c) Avenge her father's death.
(d) Prove that Prince Cradoc was not evil.

12. What news does Bened bring to Brother Cadfael about Sioned and Engelard?
(a) They are married.
(b) They have moved to Engelard's home in England.
(c) They have taken over caring for St. Winifred's grave.
(d) Sioned's uncle is trying to separate them.

13. With whom does Peredur walk in the procession to St. Winifred's chapel?
(a) Father Huw.
(b) Prior Robert.
(c) Sioned.
(d) Brother Cadfael.

14. After Father Huw thanks Brother Cadfael, what does Father Huw admit to Brother Cadfael?
(a) He freezes with fear when faced with an emergency.
(b) He knows who killed Rhisiart.
(c) He wishes he knew more about medicine.
(d) Women confuse him.

15. What does Sioned ask Father Huw and Brother Jerome, who are holding the first vigil, to do?
(a) Carry Rhisiart's coffin to his grave.
(b) Light a candle for everyone who visits Rhisiart's body.
(c) Guard Rhisiart's body.
(d) Place their hands on Rhisiart's heart and pray for him.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Brother Columbanus claim that St. Winifred told him in a dream about the brothers' mission?

2. How does Sioned plan to make her marriage to Engelard a reality?

3. How does Brother Cadfael feel when he discovers the condition of the bottle of poppy seed syrup?

4. What do Sioned and Brother Cadfael think Brother Columbanus might be trying to do after claiming to reveal the solution to Rhisiart's murder?

5. When does Brother Columbanus realize the form appearing in front of him is Sioned?

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