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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Brother Cadfael realize about Peredur's relationship with Rhisiart when he considers Peredur as a suspect in Rhisiart's murder?
(a) Peredur and Rhisiart respected each other, but frequently argued.
(b) Peredur disliked Rhisiart.
(c) Peredur liked Rhisiart.
(d) Peredur's relationship with Rhisiart only recently became strained.

2. Why is Prior Robert ecstatic about the dream of Winifred?
(a) He wants healing for his persistent illness.
(b) He wants to live forever.
(c) He is glad the psychic powers have returned.
(d) He thinks it will lead him to find a relic.

3. During Vespers, whom does Prior Robert warn the townspeople about as a threat to get his way?
(a) The English people.
(b) St. Winifred's descendants.
(c) Rhisiart.
(d) Prince Cradoc.

4. According to Prior Robert, why is it important for the abbey to obtain a relic?
(a) The relic will help attract tourists to the abbey, which will help them make money.
(b) To bring prestige to the abbey.
(c) Every other abbey has a relic.
(d) It is the next step in the process for having the abbey declared a shrine.

5. How did Winifred spend her life?
(a) Caring for her ill father.
(b) Working on a farm.
(c) Devoted to God.
(d) As a physician's assistant.

6. Regarding Rhisiart's murder, what do Bened and the townspeople believe about the monks?
(a) One or more of them actually murdered Rhisiart.
(b) They are hiding something.
(c) They aren't involved with the murder.
(d) They are involved with the murder, even if they didn't actually kill Rhisiart.

7. What does Prior Robert do when it is stated that Engelard is the prime suspect in the murder of Rhisiart?
(a) Remains silent.
(b) Organizes a search party to find the real killer.
(c) Promotes the idea of Engelard as a suspect.
(d) Defends Engelard.

8. Who does Prior Robert say has approved his mission to Gwytherin?
(a) God.
(b) Bishop David and Prince Owain.
(c) The townspeople.
(d) All of Prior Robert's followers.

9. What does Brother Cadfael realize about the myth explained to him by Sioned?
(a) That they should ignore the myth.
(b) That it could be true.
(c) That Prior Robert made it up.
(d) That many people believe in it.

10. How does Engelard become a suspect in Rhisiart's murder?
(a) His arrow killed Rhisiart.
(b) He acts nervous when he is questioned.
(c) He runs from the murder scene.
(d) A witness saw Engelard with Rhisiart shortly before Rhisiart's body was found.

11. According to the myth explained to Brother Cadfael by Sioned, what person touching the murder victim would cause it to gush blood?
(a) The murderer.
(b) A clergyman.
(c) The person who found the corpse.
(d) The closest family member.

12. Why does the Welsh girl who meets Brother Cadfael become nervous when he speaks to her?
(a) She doesn't understand English.
(b) The English are looked upon with suspicion.
(c) Her boyfriend is standing behind Brother Cadfael.
(d) He speaks Welsh.

13. Why does Brother Cadfael believe Cal remains quiet about Sioned's feelings of love?
(a) Cal sympathizes with Sioned.
(b) Cal doesn't want to endanger Sioned's life.
(c) Cal is afraid he will lose his job.
(d) Cal doesn't want to endanger his own life.

14. As Brother Cadfael thinks about the suspects in Rhisiart's murder, and he asks around, what does he attempt to discover about Rhisiart?
(a) He attempts to discover if Rhisiart had other children.
(b) He attempts to discover where Rhisiart's wife is living.
(c) He attempts to discover if Rhisiart had any other land holdings elsewhere in Wales.
(d) He attempts to discover if Rhisiart had enemies.

15. What does Brother Cadfael do after Prior Robert dismisses him and Brother John after Father Huw says he will plan a meeting?
(a) Goes to a local tavern.
(b) Goes to sleep.
(c) Explores the area.
(d) Plays cards with Brother John.

Short Answer Questions

1. When the Welsh girl who meets Brother Cadfael recognizes him as a visitor from England, what does she do?

2. How does Brother Columbanus make Brother Jerome a suspect in Rhisiart's murder?

3. What is the relationship between Sioned and Peredur, Cadwallon's son?

4. Where do Brother Jerome and Brother Columbanus sleep on the night they arrive in Gwytherin?

5. What is the nature of the message Brother Cadfael relays to Peredur from Sioned?

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