Objects & Places from A Morbid Taste for Bones

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The Abbey of Saint Peter and Saint Paul at Shrewsbury

This location contains an herb garden.

The Town of Gwytherin

This location holds the sought-after relics.

Bened's House

This place has social gatherings that are where many important discussions occur.

Rhisiart's Holding

This is inherited by another character after the owner dies.

Winifred's Gravesite and Chapel

This provides miracles and healing.

Well at Holywell

This object appears where a saint was martyred.

Father Huw's House

This place holds the characters who wait to meet with a character who is murdered.

Saint Winifred's Bones

This/these is/are the driving force of the plot.

Cadfael's Poppy Seed Syrup

This is used to help people relax and sleep.

Engelard's Arrow

This is used to frame a character for murder.

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