A Morbid Taste for Bones Character Descriptions

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Character Descriptions

Brother Cadfael - This character tends an herb garden.

Prior Robert - This character hunts for a relic to acquire glory, authority, and reverence.

Sioned - This character is the child of a rich landowner.

Brother Columbanus - This character frequently claims to communicate with a saint.

Brother Jerome - This character briefly becomes a suspect for a murder.

Brother John - This character is the voice of skepticism throughout the story, constantly whispering derogatory comments.

Brother Richard - This character is friendly and lacks ambition.

Father Huw - This character plays the role of mediator, whose sole ambition is simply to keep the peace between all parties.

Peredur - This character, who becomes a suspect in a murder, is the child of a rich landowner.

Rhisiart - This character is a rich landowner and a well-respected and trusted person in the town.

Engelard - This character...

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