A Month in the Country Quiz | Two Week Quiz A

J. L. Carr
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section 3 (pages 49-74).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whose grave is Moon looking for?
(a) Alice Keach.
(b) Emily Clough.
(c) Piers Hebron.
(d) Laetitia Hebron.

2. Why is the grave Moon is looking for outside the graveyard?
(a) The person buried was excommunicated from the church.
(b) The person buried could not afford a ceremony.
(c) Only royalty are buried in the graveyard.
(d) There was no room left in the graveyard.

3. Where do Keach and Birkin go after discussing Birkin's request to use something in the church?
(a) Out to the garden.
(b) To the graveyard.
(c) To see his workspace.
(d) To see the object.

4. Why does Birkin have to stay at the church?
(a) He has been ordered to by the church.
(b) He wants to be close to his work.
(c) He has no money to rent a place.
(d) Leaving the church would be seen as rude.

5. How does Birkin respond to the invitation to Sunday School?
(a) He immediately agrees to attend.
(b) He asks if he can bring a friend.
(c) He says he will not go.
(d) He asks if he is too old.

Short Answer Questions

1. After returning to the Ellerbecks', Birkin says he is not cut out to be what?

2. When Birkin further questions Moon about why he is there, he says he wants to plot out where an early ___________ stood.

3. What does Birkin forget when he visits the Keaches to ask for his first installment?

4. What condition must be met in order for the church to receive the money?

5. What is the name of Birkin's wife?

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